Nourish the Body

Farm to table means farm fresh produce straight from our family farm to your family's dining table.  We offer chemical-free veggies, pastured eggs, bright flowers, and savory herbs to help you enrich your diet and live your brightest and best life.

Nourish the Soul

Self-care means nurturing your heart and soul, and we love to do that through encouraging blog posts and devotions. Stop by and breathe deeply, take in the sights and sounds of the farm, play with the goats, or pick a flower or two. Find your self-expression in our music lessons and remember to laugh as you watch the antics of our fluffy farm creatures.

Nourish the Planet

Our earth is a precious resource, and so is all the life that is growing on it. Our goal is to give back to our earth by increasing our understanding and application of sustainable farming methods such as vermicomposting, replenishing the soil with worm castings and manuer, and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We believe that by using these types of sustainable methods, we’ll be helping our planet thrive as we feed families and nourish souls. We’ll soon have worms and worm castings for sale so that you can provide the best nutrients for your own garden.

Our Passion

Tiny Happy Acres started with a couple of chickens, 2 little goats, and a whole lot of research about nutrition, health, and happiness. What started with a couple of fresh eggs morphed into a journey away from busyness and towards joy, and Tiny Happy Acres was born. We are committed to learning about healthy food and healthy bodies and healthy souls and a healthy planet. We avoid chemical-based fertilizers and bug sprays, and stick to natural methods of farming and building soil. We love to eat our veggies straight from the garden so they have the most nutrition possible. And we want to share what we've learned with you.

Simple and sustainable eating and living.

We have multiple avenues of sustainable living. We are working towards Back to Eden gardening, companion planting, and natural soil building and fertilizing to grow our gardens and farm. We feed our animals as much healthy natural food as we can. And we offer several online stores so you can purchase your food and items easily and quickly.

Watch for our upcoming farm stand this spring! In the meantime, for simple, sustainble products, please shop our etsy store -, our DoTerra Store -, and Thrive -